ENRAN is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture and interior solutions. ENRAN has started working in 1995 and is now well known in Ukraine, Russia, Gulf Region and Europe. ENRAN is a first Ukrainian manufacturer of office furniture that has introduced the complete cycle: from design to final product sales.  ENRAN has earned a good reputation and accumulated high intellectual and technological facilities.

The company owns manufacturing complex area of 22,000 square meters, modern equipment , advanced technology and software.

ENRAN has got a good team of specialists with wide experience: designers, engineers and technologists. Today more than 500 employees work at ENRAN.

ISO-9001 certification is a legal confirmation of the quality level of production.

Some milestones in the history of ENRAN:

1992 - The year of foundation of ENRAN.

1993 - Start of production at factory ENRAN (Staryie Petrovtsy, Kyiv region).

1996 - New products and directions: production of metal constructions and the launch of the first operational set  of office furniture.

1997 - The formation of a dealer network in Ukraine, distribution of products allover Ukraine .

1998 - Opening of the first showroom of ENRAN in Kiev.

1999 - JV ENRAN was transformed into Closed Joint-Stock Company. ENRAN received international prize "For the commercial success" of Trade Leaders' Club and the magazine «Merkado Mundai» (Italy). ENRAN began the production of chairs and upholstered furniture for the office.

2000 - ENRAN was awarded by diploma "The best furniture of Ukraine-2000" at the 5th International specialized exhibition Kiev ExpoFurniture-2000 and got the prize: "Best furniture of the year."

New division was formed: ENRAN-ZLK (Hust, Transcarpathian region), the company with a full cycle of wood processing.

2001 - ENRAN successfuly passed ISO 9001 certification.

2002 - Registration of the trade mark "Noveal" (home furniture), which included natural solid wood furniture.

2009 - New collection of office furniture KBS was shown a first time at the «Office Exhibition» in March 2009 in the UAE. ENRAN began production of furniture for hotels and CaBaRe. The first samples were presented at "The Hotel Show" (Dubai, UAE) in May 2009.

2010 - ENRAN offered to the markets of Ukraine and Russia the furniture line DIY "Letta": ecological product made of solid wood.

2011 - ENRAN signed the first international contract for the development of design ideas and the subsequent production of the seven sets of executive offices.

2012 - ENRAN received the title of "Best Exporter of the Year" and won the 1st place in the International economic rating.

2013 - ENRAN was successfully audited by VERITAS according to quality standard ISO 9001. This means that the organization of our production quality control and professionalism of our team were evaluated as "excellent".

ENRAN's furniture can be perceived as: stylish, functional, interesting, modular, modern and with high level of quality.