ENRAN is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture and complex interior solutions since 1995. The company has it’s own production facilities (>22 000 m2), equipped with modern CNC machinery, advanced technologies and progressive software. ENRAN’s team consists of about 600 experienced professionals: craftsmen, designers, engineers, technologists and other.


Would you like to pay a visit to England?

Your child enjoys reading books and would like to travel? Well, then you should apply to ENRAN! Furniture produced by Enran – is ...

Virtual tour at stand of ENRAN during KIFF-2014

We would like to invite you into virtual tour of ENRAN stand during Kyiv International Furniture Forum KIFF-2014! Now, everyone who ...

ENRAN's success at ORGATEC-2014, major international exhibition in Europe

Innovations and nonstandard design solutions for the modern office were presented by ENRAN at the leading international exhibition ...